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Scandium 60cm Undermount Rangehood

Scandium 60cm Undermount Rangehood

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  • What is the decibel rating on this rangehood?

    Hi Paula

    The Myth: Decibel ratings will help you select a quieter rangehoo and why it is almost impossible to compare rangehoods.   One of the most common questions customers ask is how loud the rangehood is or what is its decibel rating and the answer is extremely difficult and somewhat impossible to answer. In an attempt to keep the customers happy companies will offer a decibel or noise figure but if you dig a little deeper these figures are impossible to compare. Firstly you will struggle comparing the airflow between rangehoods as airflow ratings can be rated in different testing methods. a)      Some manufacturers will test the unit’s airflow at the zero tolerance level directly above the motor outlet.( Common within Australia). b)      Other manufacturers will measure the flow after 1 metre of ducting a 90 degree bend and another metre of ducting. (A very common measurement in Europe). c)       And finally some others will measure the airflow at the point where it air and steam is expelled out into the atmosphere. If you cannot accurately compare the airflow (apples for apples) then you cannot compare noise levels or decibel ratings. Rangehood A may be pushing twice the amount of airflow as rangehood B at the same speed level. Now just to make things more difficult you need to establish how the manufacturer tested the decibel ratings were they taken from? a)      Directly under the centre of the rangehoods filters. b)      Two feet away from the filters (were most people’s ear level would be when cooking). c)       Was the rangehood tested when installed or just whilst sitting on the bench? The only truly Silent rangehoods on the market are the Schweigen brand of rangehoods. Their German electronics and Motor systems have been engineered and designed to produce power and performance without noise. They are not the cheapest on the market but they are worth the investment as they do what they claim they will do.

■■ Simple design - stainless steel undermount

rangehood integrates seamlessly with kitchen


■■ Airflow 760m3/hr - removes steam, smoke and

odours, leaves kitchen air fresher.

■■ 3 speed levels - easy to use push button operation.

■■ Quality lighting - warm Halonge lighting over the

cooking zone.

■■ 3 Year Warranty - peace-of-mind with product



• Stainless steel finish

• 3 x speed levels

• 2 x GU 10 Warm Halegon lights

• Dishwasher safe aluminium filters

• 3 Year Warranty

Technical data

• Dimensions: (W x D)

523 x 295 mm

• 1 x aluminium mesh filter



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