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About us

Our Story

The idea of changing the way customers buy their kitchen appliances came from the most unlikely of situations. When my wife purchased a new car she was given a great staff discount as her brother worked for the car manufacturer - instead of $36.990.00 we ended up paying $27,280.00, a saving of almost $10.000. Many of our friends wished they could do the same and then the penny dropped.

Why are we forced to buy through the retailer and have to end up paying almost $10,000 more for to support the costs of their expensive retail showrooms and the pleasure of having a salesperson to show me how to use the air conditioner?

If it is going to save me $10.000 I’ll figure it out myself Right!

So We Decided To Do Something About It

Having imported appliances for many years, as owners of Prestige Appliances we understood the huge savings that can be made by supplying appliances at a factory direct landed price, as compared to the final price the customer ends up paying. After allowing for the freight, storage fees and the importers margin the price in less than half. On a $12,000 retail appliance package you would save more than $6,000.

So we decided to change our business model, so we could continue to offer Great Products at Even Better Prices and still combine it with Great Personalised Customer Service.

How Are We Different?

By establishing a Factory direct online store backed by an established Australia wide service and spare parts network, we intend to change the way customers buy quality appliances. The increased reach and distribution that the Online marketplace offers has provided us with the ability to market our product effectively and economically and we can subsequently afford to pass these savings on to you. With the support of our International and European manufacturing partners we are able to offer the best appliances at a fraction of inflated retail prices.

‘No Middlemen’

At Prestige Appliances we are changing the way our customers can purchase high-end kitchen appliances by removing the middlemen. This means that, in many cases, our customers pay less than half the price of the equivalent retail product.

For over 25 years, Prestige Appliances has been retailing Europe’s best appliances and, via online shopping, is able to offer our customers a better, more cost-effective service. Our Importers Direct selection of ovens, cooktops and rangehoods offers a truly unique premium line of kitchen appliances without the high price tag.

‘Unique Products & Packages - Prestige’s Stunning New Signature Range.’

Prestige’s stunning new collection of rangehoods has a magic all its own. Our exclusive individual designs and strict selection processes enable us to maintain the highest levels of craftsmanship and innovation. Our exclusive range of hoods has been created with a passion aimed at enhancing the cooking experience of the discerning buyer.

Quality Kitchen Appliances without the Inflated Price Tags

For over 30 years Prestige Appliances has been helping customers select the right appliances — something that can often be difficult with so many brands all claiming to have the best products. We believe the unique features of our products and their exceptional value for money help them stand out from their competitors.

‘Want a Bozo Badge, Or Want The Best Performance?’

Selecting your appliance on their performance and not on advertising hype is one area that distinguishes Prestige from other suppliers. One is constantly bombarded with advertising that claim to sell the best brands; we encourage our customer to compare performance and specifications of our products to those promoted by our competitors.

Our objective is to enhance our customers overall cooking experience by exceeding their expectations providing optimum extraction of vapours and smells as quietly, efficiently and economically as possible. Our rangehoods are designed to cope with the most rigours of Australian cooking as we often cook with high flame burners due to our love for Asian cooking and barbeques. Our cooktops also offer you the lowest of simmer levels to handle those delicate sauces and slow cooking requirements.

‘Still Want The Badge, Well We’ve Got Those Too’

What Prestige Quality Means to You

Quality means many things and when you examine our finished products you will see it. Design concepts, inventiveness, research and testing all play a role in producing an excellent product. Good design needs to work. It needs to perform up to expectations; it also has to feel good and remain functional without becoming over complicated. The final design must be user-friendly, innovative and, of course, look fabulous: that’s quality.

Service and Spare Parts

Backed by our 30 years of experience within the appliance and renovation industry we offer an extensive Australia wide service and spare parts backup network.