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  • Schweigen 90cm Silent Undermount Rangehood-UM1170-9
  • Schweigen 90cm Silent Undermount Rangehood-UM1170-9
  • Schweigen 90cm Silent Undermount Rangehood-UM1170-9
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  • Schweigen 90cm Silent Undermount Rangehood-UM1170-9
  • Schweigen 90cm Silent Undermount Rangehood-UM1170-9
  • Schweigen 90cm Silent Undermount Rangehood-UM1170-9
  • Showcase

Schweigen 90cm Silent Undermount Rangehood-UM1170-9

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SKU : RWU9-UM1170-9ST
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  • Hi, Would the schweigen 90cm RWU-UM1170-9SP be ok for a 700 induction cooktop. I enquired about this some time ago and it was ok. I did just notice another model that was more high powered the SP2 I didn't notice this last time I looked. Would that model be overkill? I am looking to purchase between now and next wednesday. Thanks Tracey

    Hi Tracy.

    The RUM1170-9Sp is the most suitable rangehood for this induction cooktop. The SP2 would be overkill.

    My wife is Chinese and we use this unit at home and it copes with the most intense cooking we do.

    Should you have any questions please do not hesite to contact me 

    Kind Regards

    Tom Mullan
    Prestige Appliances 0424663345

  • I'm about to purchase a 90cm gas cooktop and thinking of purchasing the 90cm Schweigen UM1170-9SP undermount rangehood to be installed in a new kitchen. I'm Vietnamese and I love to cook all sorts of food including Asian and Indian curries. I don't want the pungent smell to linger on my walls over time. Will the 1600m3 motor be overkill for my requirement or will a less powerful motor, say the 1100m3, be adequate? Thanks Dao

    Hi Dao.   Thanks for your email.   I can relate to your situation as my wife is Vietnamese/Chinese.   As the undermount has to draw steam and odors from the front burners you need to go for the 1600 unit.   Schweigen does what it claims it will do and wiull out perform internal motored rangehood comfortably as most internal motored rangehoods fail miserably when it comes to pushing the grease and oil up and out to the atmosphere.    Thse style of rangehood leave a musky smell in the kitchen area.   Kind Regards    Tom Mullan


  • Hi. Which motor option is best for general home cooking? Would the Single External motor be sufficient, or would you need the Standard External? Thanks.

    Hi Naomi.

    Sorry for the slow responce.

    The S1 motor will often struggle to cope with much of the cooking we normally do at home.

    The S2 is an older design and should no longer should be considered.

    The ST will cope best for most of the cooking and is usually the best alternative.

    The Sp is needed when you do a lot of Asian style cooking.

    Remember you will need to put the SP motor 6 metres away from the rangehood whereas the ST can be considerably closer without generating noise.

    Kind Regards Tom

  • Hi, Ive been considering one of these for my home. We do not do a lot of cooking but as we have an open plan kitchen family room I want to ensure cooking smells are eliminated and with a system that isn't noisy. I do not do any asian style cooking but we do cook a lot of curries and casseroles, so we simmer onions etc. Would the 900 (ST) be the model for us? Any idea of installations costs - we have single level, tile roof house.

    Hi Graeme

    I also have an open plan kitchen and a Asian wife and as you can imagine in all probility we do very simular wok cooking to ypourselves ( A fair amount of spices and like yourselves). We also do not want the smells drifting throughout the house.

    With over 30 years experiance in this industry I have found the Schweigen rangehood brand by far to be the best rangehood on the market. Installed correctly they are silent and unlike many other rangehoods they do what they claim they will do.

    I have yet to have any client complain that the (ST) motor did not cope with their cooking however, just to cover all basis my wife and I installed the R1600 but I feel this was a bit of an overkill.

    I believe the ST will do the job but please do not hesitate to give me a call should you have any other questions.

    Tom Mullan

    Prestige Appliances


This undermount rangehood will enhance the integrated look of your kitchen by continuing the line of cabinets across the cooktop area. You can now achieve the perfect designer look without compromising rangehood performance or installing a less efficient slideout unit. 

  • Eye level digital controls
  • Twin LED lights
  • 5 speed motor
  • Stainless steel dishwasher safe filters
  • Up to 15 minute delay timer function

Powerful External Motor - Choose Your Option

900mm x 295mm (UM1170-9S)

Schweigen UM1170-9S Dimensions

Schweigen's Story

Schweigen is one of Australia's most innovative kitchen appliance manufacturers and the designers of Australia's most efficient silent rangehoods. Backed by a world class support network they have attained a  reputation for creating some of the finest appliances on the market today. 

Sleek designs, packed with features and extreme durability the products combine the best of European design and Australian toughness. 

Environmentally responsible and exceptionally economical to run, Schweigen should be your first choice when purchasing a new rangehood as well as other home appliances. 

How do we make our rangehoods silent? Simple!

We removed the noisy, bulky motor out of the rangehood and replaced it with a compact German-made motor that sits on your roof in a neat weather -proof shroud. This eliminates noise from your kitchen and lets you enjoy your cooking experience.

This is where Schweigen excels. Our rangehoods consume a minimal amount of energy to complete the task of extracting the most amount of air «Éœ 62 watts is all it takes to run a Schweigen Isodrive Motor . Compare this to our competitors who use a minimum of 180 watts.

By using our highly efficient Isodrive Motor, we are able to successfully generate a lot of useable power. By having the motor on the roof, the Isodrive Motor never has to push air up, against gravity, to remove it from your home. This means it can use all its power to do what a rangehood is designed to do. Remove large volumes of cooking steam and smoke from your kitchen.

Schweigen is focused on improving the environment outside your kitchen as well as improving conditions inside it.

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