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Robam Rangehoods

ROBAM Stock Clearance Promotion - Terms and Conditions

ROBAM Stock Clearance Promotion

Please help us to clear some stock to make room for the arrival of the new cooktops!


Buy any 1 item, receive $200 off

Buy any 2 item, receive $400 off

Buy any 3 item, receive $800 off

Buy any 4 item, receive $1200 off

Eligible Products:

Cyclone A825 (CXW-200-A825)

Cooktop B291 (JZT-B291)

Steam Oven SA01 (ZQB235-SA01)

Oven R308 (KWS280-R308)

Please Remember: Orders must be on the same order form to be eligible. Maximum one of each item, cannot double up on the same item. Single delivery address. Applies to new stock only. Stocks are limited, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

If a customer would like to lock in this promotion but does not need it right away, they have the option to pay a minimum 20% deposit and we can hold this offer for the customer. Please send us the Customer Order form with the deposit amount. Products will only be released once they have paid in full.