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  • Schweigen Silent Multi Purpose Exhaust Fan - BRB700 (white square integrated diffuser)
  • Schweigen Silent Multi Purpose Exhaust Fan - BRB700 (white square integrated diffuser)

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  • Schweigen Silent Multi Purpose Exhaust Fan - BRB700 (white square integrated diffuser)
  • Schweigen Silent Multi Purpose Exhaust Fan - BRB700 (white square integrated diffuser)

Schweigen Silent Multi Purpose Exhaust Fan - BRB700 (white square integrated diffuser)

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The IsoDrive system is an Australian invention and is proudly owned by an Australian company. The revolution starts with a German made EBM motor and fan - which is recognised as the quietest, most efficient and highest-powered domestic extraction unit available today. However, even the quietest motors and fans still generate noise. Using Schweigen's renowned concept and placing the motors externally, anyone can easily achieve the sound of...... silence.

The magic of the Schweigen Isodrive fan is its ability to whisk away odours in seconds unlike the noisy conventional fan systems which seem to take forever.

The Isodrive fan removes all odours immediately, also reducing airborne bacteria. Odours disappear at the flick of a switch, so being repelled by household odours becomes a thing of the past.

This eco-friendly and energy efficient Isodrive exhaust system is ideal for every household - the ideal way to hygienically remove smells without using chemicals. This will keep your toilet bathroom and laundry smelling fresh.

Designed to be installed through the roof, wall or eave and suitable for almost any room in your unit, apartment, townhouse, single or multi-storey house - the BRB700 can also be vented to 2 adjacent rooms with the optional DVK700 kit.

Both the BRB700 and DVK700 are now available together in one convenient bundle called the BR722. Please enquire with store for more details.

Isodrive is:

  • Australia's most energy efficient venting system
  • Australia's most powerful venting system
  • German engineered and manufactured motor
  • Australian designed Isodrive venting system
  • 5 year warranty

Schweigen's Story

Schweigen is one of Australia's most innovative kitchen appliance manufacturers and the designers of Australia's most efficient silent rangehoods. Backed by a world class support network they have attained a  reputation for creating some of the finest appliances on the market today. 

Sleek designs, packed with features and extreme durability the products combine the best of European design and Australian toughness. 

Environmentally responsible and exceptionally economical to run, Schweigen should be your first choice when purchasing a new rangehood as well as other home appliances. 

How do we make our rangehoods silent? Simple!

We removed the noisy, bulky motor out of the rangehood and replaced it with a compact German-made motor that sits on your roof in a neat weather -proof shroud. This eliminates noise from your kitchen and lets you enjoy your cooking experience.

This is where Schweigen excels. Our rangehoods consume a minimal amount of energy to complete the task of extracting the most amount of air «Éœ 62 watts is all it takes to run a Schweigen Isodrive Motor . Compare this to our competitors who use a minimum of 180 watts.

By using our highly efficient Isodrive Motor, we are able to successfully generate a lot of useable power. By having the motor on the roof, the Isodrive Motor never has to push air up, against gravity, to remove it from your home. This means it can use all its power to do what a rangehood is designed to do. Remove large volumes of cooking steam and smoke from your kitchen.

Schweigen is focused on improving the environment outside your kitchen as well as improving conditions inside it.

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