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Glem Appliances

Emilia Glem is a factory-owned Italian cooking appliance company in Australia. Being 100 per cent factory owned means they have a close relationship with the development, design and creation of a unique range of products. From a small workshop started in 1959 Glem now exports to more than 65 countries worldwide. Now as Italy’s number 1 manufacturer of upright stoves Glem dominate the Italian market. 

The Glem factory and laboratory are located in Modena regarded as the culinary capital of Italy, with one of the more famous recipes from this region being 'tagliatelle al ragu', a dish that is known the world over as spaghetti bolognaise. This region is also the birthplace of manufactures Lamborghini and Ferrari. Continuing that manufacturing tradition Glem designers have delivered engineering firsts, including a specialty gas fan and the world’s first Bi – energy oven. 

Glem is focused on providing innovative and highly efficient gas cooking solutions and when you buy a Glem cooking appliance you have the assurance that after sales service will be available for the life of the product.