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Dual Fuel Stoves

What Are The Benefits Of Dual Fuel Stoves?

Dual fuel stoves are by far the most popular as they offer the convenience of gas cooktops with an electric oven. Recently the introduction of induction has created interest but for those who are used to gas, changing to electric can be challenging.

Dual Fuel: The combination of both gas and electricity offers the best of both products often reassuring against blackouts or an interruption to supply. Traditionally most people are used to baking with an electric oven and cooking with a gas cooktop is often a matter of conformability. Larger demand has created more competition resulting in higher quality and a more competitive product which offer better temperature control than the gas equivalent.


Essential Features: Multi-function oven - a multi-function oven enables you to bake and roast successfully and you have better heat control than the more basic fan-forced ovens. Fan Grilling and Browning - quickly sealing both sides of the food, fan grilling is ideal for chicken, meat, fish and vegetables, as well as sauce-based dishes with cheese or crumbed toppings.