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Glem 90cm Dual Fuel Stove

$3,499.00   $2,199.00

Glem 90cm Gas Stove

$3,699.00   $2,499.00

Glem 90cm Bi Energy Stove

$4,498.00   $3,349.00

Glem 100m Bi Energy Stove

$4,899.00   $3,750.00

Falcon Professional+ FX 90cm Dual Fuel Stove

$6,599.00   $5,599.00

Falcon Kitchener 90cm Dual Fuel Stove


Falcon Professional+ FX 100cm Dual Fuel Stove

$7,149.00   $6,149.00

Falcon Professional+ FXP 90cm Pyrolytic Stove

$7,899.00   $6,899.00

Falcon Classic 90cm Dual Fuel Stove



Which Features Are Most Important When Selecting An Upright Stove?

  • Wipe-clean enamel and steam-clean options

  • Easy-clean cooktop layout

  • Finger proof stainless steel

  • Cool to touch oven door systems

  • Oven capacity

  • Catalytic liners

  • Good visibility of controls

  • Digital oven clock programming

  • Full glass inner oven door

  • Ergonomic telescopic glide-out shelves

  • Clear instruction manual

  • Wok Trivet provided

  • Rotisserie

  • Country of manufacture

Why Are These Features Important?

As a rule the Italian product is manufactured substantially better than the products made in Turkey or China.

Finger proof stainless steel - a unique treatment is applied to the stainless steel surface creating a fine film which prevents fingerprints grease and oils from spoiling the look of your appliance. A quality finger proofing treatment makes it easier to keep your oven clean.

Wipe-clean enamel and steam-clean options - many upright stoves have non-porous cavity enamel created through years of research into baking and curing to ensure cleaning and upkeep is a breeze. For a quick-wipe clean, just add a little water to the tray, turn the oven to 80 degrees and this will soften any cooking residue so it can be simply wiped away. Inspect the oven chamber to make sure there are no joins or crevices as seamless oven chambers that make it easy to clean and hygienic.

Easy-clean cooktop layout - no joins or crevices to trap grease or grime and deep spill trays will help minimize mess and keep things hygienic.

Cool to touch oven door systems - enclosing three panes of glass within their doors offer you a cool-to-the-touch door system with reflective inner glass designed to keep the heat in while the outside remains cool. Tangential cooling fans enhance this cooling feature, being designed to circulate cool air around the oven and door so your oven is safe to the touch (especially of little fingers!).

Capacity - size is important but it can be a trap many customers often choose ovens with the largest cavities only later to discover they often offer the poorest performance as the elements cannot cope with such large cavities.

Catalytic liners - these liners are fitted to the side and rear walls of the oven; they absorb dirt and grease that can be burnt off into dust at 200 to 220 degrees. At these temperatures and higher, food residue, oils and fats are oxidized and turned into dust — that is easily wiped away. Look after these liners and they will last a long time; but they will eventually need replacing when they become saturated and are no longer effective.

Functionality - many stove manufacturers offer limited functions and their ovens fail to cope with the demands of modern baking. Fan forced only ovens are not recommended.

Good visibility of controls (no need to bend down to read the controls) - often the controls and labeling may be difficult to read and transfers may fade over time

Digital oven clock programming - this function enables you to utilise “set and forget” cooking technology, promising a perfect bake and evenly cooked roast every time the electronic clock tells you the time of day and can be used as a countdown timer enabling you to tell exactly how long before the dish is ready. To program the cooking simply use the set and forget function.

Full glass inner door - when manufactured without visible screws oven doors are easier to keep clean as there are no nooks and crannies for dirt to settle into. To improve the ease at which our ovens can be cleaned, the doors need also to be easy to remove. Good visibility including clear vision of foods that you are grilling with the door closed.

Ergonomic telescopic glide-out shelves - telescopic glide-out racks provide easy access without making you strain your back each time you wish to add items to the grill or lift out heavy baking trays. Easy-glide extendable shelves slide out effortlessly and can be placed on to different shelf levels to suit your preferences. For instance, the slide-out grill unit can be put at the top of the oven chamber or at the bottom to make it more convenient when removing large or heavy items such as lasagnas, roasts or turkeys

Clear instruction manual - often manuals come in multiple languages but are confusing leaving out many important guidance tips.

Wok Trivet is provided - great for those who enjoy Asian cooking.

Rotisserie - great for roasting chickens and other larger cuts of meat.